Toprak Tarım's general field of activity is within the agriculture and livestock sector. It provides raw material supply services to flour mills, feed mills making cattle and ovine feed and poultry feed, and livestock enterprises that produce their own feed. Grain is mostly produced in Konya plain and Central Anatolia in our country. Toprak Tarım, with the advantage of being in the center of Konya, supplies cereals such as wheat, barley and corn directly from the producers. It offers the products in question to its customers in the most appropriate way.

Our company has sufficient infrastructure to provide these services. Toprak Tarım has 45.000 m³ steel silo grain storage facility and 4.000 m² closed warehouse. In addition, most of the corn and sunflower seeds harvested in the region are stored. Our company, which has an innovative understanding, revised the first corn drying facility established in the Konya region in 2010 and increased its capacity to 50 tons/hour.

The import and assembly of the said facility was completed and it was put into service of our farmers and industrialists during the 2011 harvest period. In this way, it also serves the regional farmer to make the best use of his product. Our company is in full integration with the branches of industry it works with, such as bran, razmol, bonkalite, which are the by-products of the flour industry in our customer group; We also evaluate the oilseed meal (sunflower meal, soybean meal, canola meal, etc.) of the oil industry and offer them to feed industrialists as raw materials, thus acting as a bridge between the sectors. The agriculture and livestock sector, which is developing day by day, needs additional raw materials and diversified products.

Our company, which sets out from this need, also provides services for the supply and distribution of imported raw materials that its customers need. Currently, high protein oilseed meals, soybean, soybean meal, canola meal, maize, wheat, d.d.g.s. products such as corn grizi and corn grizi are procured and distributed to the relevant sectors in the country.