About US

Toprak Tarım was founded in 2001 by Mehmet and Mustafa Uysal brothers in the Konya plain, where is the granary of Turkey.

The company's field of activity is the purchase of cereals such as barley, wheat, corn, oil sunflower and oilseeds from the farmers of the region, as well as importing cereals, oilseeds, and by-products such as meal, bran, DDGS which are needed by the feed industry, from abroad and sell them domestically.

Producing is difficult in today's conditions but preserving requires greater skill. We develop with our farmers and improve our facilities with our significant investments.

In addition to our steel silo with a storage capacity of 25,000 tons and a corn drying facility with a capacity of 40 tons per hour, which we established on the Adana ring road, we serve with a 65,000 tons storage capacity and a corn and barley flaking facility with a capacity of 20 tons per hour in our Konya Tatlıcak facility.

We provide fast supply solutions to the flour and feed industry sectors with our wide logistics fleet facilities.

Toprak Tarım has completed its institutionalization in its first five years in the sector and has become a sought-after company throughout the country. We believe that agriculture and animal husbandry will be the locomotive of the country's economy, and we continue our efforts to achieve better in the future together with our customers as we did yesterday.

The company established the group company Toprak Tarım licensed warehousing company in 2015 and has a storage capacity of 68,000 tons in Karaman/Kazımkarabekir region, 40,000 tons in Karaman organized industrial zone, 57,000 tons in Konya/Kadınhanı-Atlantı region and 45,000 tons in Konya/Altınekin region. With its latest investments completed in 2022, with a total storage capacity of 300,000 tons, 210,000 tons of which are licensed, it serves the farmers and agricultural enterprises in the region by ensuring that grains and oilseeds such as barley, wheat, corn, oil sunflower are stored in healthy conditions and certified manner.

Abundance comes with TOPRAK.

Toprak Tarım

Our Mission

Being aware of the changing needs of its customers in our ever-changing and developing sector, it has adopted the principle of continuous and sustainable growth based on the principle of mutual gain.


To be an institution that sustainably carries the principle of being the pioneer of competitive, customer satisfaction-oriented development, which is referenced in its sector.